Monochrome Rainbow: Dekapolis

What is this world if not an invention of our imagination?

—Pater Prester Ioannes, Apocalypsis of Prester Ioannes (1:16).

In the Ultraviolet Grasslands the civilised regions of the Circle Sea, the Rainbowlands, are only very loosely sketched out. This is on purpose. I want the players to come from a land they consider developed and complete, but which is still unknown enough that they can invent and create and imagine new things for it.

Yet, folks do seem to want more about this part of the world. I understand that. So do I.

The challenge has always been, how to write up the Rainbowlands while:

  1. Not nailing things down, keeping it open to the players’ imaginations.
  2. Making it fun to discover.
  3. And, hopefully, tying it into some kind of game.

For years, I shelved various ideas. Then, a few weeks ago, I started an online game to begin capturing the sequel to the UVG, Under Red Skies (working title). One of the threads of that game begins opposite the Violet City, in the Dekapolis. I don’t want to give too much away (so as not to spoil things for the players), but one of my ideas was to first develop the region collaboratively.

Now, in practice, I realized that my mini-game for that was too extensive to include in URS.

However, the mini-game was lots of fun and I realised that combining a series of a few such region-building mini-games together would be the perfect way to introduce the Rainbowlands to other players and tables.

And thus: Monochrome Rainbows was born.

An oxymoronic title for a game that world that makes itself anew each time it is played, shall we say.

If 1920×1080 is enough for you, this image might be enough. But the pdf includes more rules, so …

You can get the free version at the wizardthieffighter or the patreon.

Alternatively, you can download it right here on this here portal into the interwebs.

Wherever you get it, I hope you enjoy making a fantascience world your own — after all, that’s what fantasy is for.

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