SRDcat Sneak Peek: Items, Attacks, and Spells, oh my!

For this sneak peek, we’ll be going over what you can do with the in-app objects, from attacking, to casting, to buying and selling!

(This is third in a series of sneak peeks: the first covers the SRDcat’s Object Collections, and the second goes over the interactive Character Sheet.)


Our intrepid hero, Rakes Ssotar of the Reasonable Republic of Iks, prepares for adventure. She has her trusty Heat Ray and Leveller Suit by her side. SRDcat actively calculates her inventory weight so her Runner doesn’t have to!

That Leveller Suit isn’t doing anyone any good just lying there. Let’s wear it by clicking on the shield icon.

And now the suit is contributing to Rakes’ ha defense!

She decides to attack using her Heat Ray. In order to do so, her Runner clicks the crossed swords icon, bringing up the attack menu. This menu allows the Runner to customize their attack by adding advantage, disadvantage, proficiency, and a target number. She clicks the [+] buttons under attack bonus and damage, making both rolls with advantage.

She succeeds! To show her fellow players, Rakes’ Runner clicks on the text, and SRDcat copies it to the clipboard. She then ctrl-v’s it into Discord chat:

Later, at the Polydimensional Omnimarket, she spies an even shinier heat ray, and decides to sell her Leveller Suit. SRDcat generates a price, and if she confirms the sale it will add the cash to her character sheet automatically.

Casting Spells

Akres Sarsot, the novice nomad biomancer, wishes to aid his wounded companion, and, as luck would have it, he has the perfect spell for the occasion.

Akres’ Runner clicks on the atom icon to bring up the casting menu for the spell. The caravan must continue moving by morning, and so Akres decides to cast the spell at a higher life cost to make it take less time. His Runner toggles through the cost options and settles on a base cost of 5, which SRDcat automatically multiplies with his magic cost for a total cost of 15. Akres will survive the cast, and his companion should be on their feet again before morning.

Upon clicking on the Cast Spell button, SRDcat automatically subtracts the cost from Akres’ life. In addition, SRDcat generates a result text similar to that of attacks and tests, and Akres’ Runner can copy it to the clipboard by clicking on it.

Sidekicks and Extras

SRDcat also has a place for Akres’ trusty best friend, the Glamourous Goat. Here’s its statblock:

The attack names (the portions in orange) are actually buttons. If Akres’ Runner clicks one of them, it will bring up the attack screen for that particular attack, as seen below.

Sidekick attacks are much like weapon attacks, but data will be pulled from the sidekick’s statblock instead of the hero’s.

That’s all for now folks! The player-facing portion of SRDcat nears the polishing phase, and the time for playtesting grows nearer. Stay tuned for further updates and sneak peeks.

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The scrying pool lies before you.


glimpse what is to come.