Merry Wintersmass with Winterwhite

The end of the year is coming, the chill is in the air (and boy, is it – -14°C here today) so I’ve made a little free one-page overland adventure to celebrate.

The player's version of the one-page adventure.
The players see this.

In the Longwinter icebox I put out a few years ago (available at Exalted Funeral), the default player mission was to get out once Winterwhite’s accursed winter struck.

I kind of teased the option of appeasing Winterwhite (Referee’s Book, p18–19), but didn’t go into too much detail. I’d always meant to return to this branch of the quest, but … honestly, I thought the big seacat book would take, like, 6 months tops (it’s been 3 years, good reader).

Anyway, I finally did it. The premise is pretty simple and near-FKR in its rules-lightness. The players climb the Princessberg in the middle of the Barony of Brezim, hoping to appease the cruel goddess with gifts they receive (or steal) from characters and locations encountered on the mountain.

The Princess mountain (Princessberg) is sort of in the middle, between Gomiliy and Vreley.

The referee gets a version of the map with more encounters, a reaction table, and tables of (randomish) gifts they can receive (and steal), some additional locations (and tricks), as well as tables describing how the goddess will react.

The proper map.
The referee’s version of the map – mo stuff, mo tables.

Basically, the more gifts the placers get for the goddess, the likelier she is to not curse them and – possibly, barely, lift the year-long winter.

Alternatively, the gifts can move her up the favor track in the Longwinter book.

The conceit of this one-page adventure is very roleplay-and-shenanigans heavy, with little combat (and probably lots of running away). To that end, the reaction table is skewed – only a 1-in-36 chance (2) of a creature starting out straight-up murderous (though frosty receptions are common).

You can get the map in a very large resolution for printing over on the stratometaship patreon (free post). If you want, you can also order a print at my very bare red bubble shop (it’s set at no commission, so this is as cheap as red bubble can make them).

So, bundle up warm, strap on your cross-country skis, your fourface cross and redyard revolver. It’s time to visit them wintry hills!

Magitecnica is in print!

Another bit of news – I’ve actually been sitting on this one a while – the first of my magic [power] codexes for UVG and other science fantasy games is now in print and available at Exalted Funeral!

You can also get a digital-only version at or

It outlines a magic system compatible with most OSR-type (and 5E) roleplaying games and presents 4 spell albums (for a total of 24 spells). As well as a wizard’s tower. It’s quite nice.

I’ll make a post just about it soon.