UVG2E & the Synthetic Dream Machine

How long has it been?

Too long. Too long.

UVG 2nd Edition is coming soon! You can sign up and get notified when it’s ready to ship!

Well, that’s big news. I thought it would be just a small nip and tuck, but in the end we got a great deal on page count, so … bigger art, more art, a few more vehicles, a bestiary, and the book’s not out of print anymore!

The other news is that the Synthetic Dream Machine (SDM) ruleset — formerly known as S.E.A.C.A.T. — is finally ready after an overlong time in development doldrums. I’ve gone over that before, I won’t belabor it.

SDM: Eternal Return Key – BAREGHOST (free)

SDM: Eternal Return Key – CHROMADEMON ($6.99)

The 32-page Eternal Return Key (ERK) complements the UVG 2nd Edition, with the rules players need for their PCs. The UVG is now much more focused on providing a Referee with the rules they need for running the world and the caravan, while the ERK is a zine-sized combination rulebook and character generator.

The idea here is that the Referee can stick to handling the setting (and the big book), while the players can reference the rules as needed.

The bareghost version is free to get, but free of art. The chromademon version is fully illustrated, with a complete graphic novel (well, comic book, let’s not be pretentious) featuring my beloved Pointyhelmet and the long-suffering Poncho.

But wait. There’s more. There’s a new website:


That’s where the rules, rules modules, FAQs, product links, expansions, third-party content links, and more are going to reside. All unified in the simple golden square of the synthetic dream machine, all hail to its mighty and perfect understanding of all our hopes and fears.

Which brings us round and round again to this lovely little website.

I’m going to return it to its roots, as my roleplaying and gaming and art blog. A place for random tables and weird ideas and small unfinished pieces and other gaming ephemera.

Oh, and as always, you can also get the fully-illustrated chromademon version of the Eternal Return Key at my patreon, the stratometaship.

Did you read all this way?

Good. Good.

Here’s a bonus.

East of the Circle Sea, under the Little Sun and the Big.

10 replies on “UVG2E & the Synthetic Dream Machine”

I played a little in UVG. The group used Troika. I have the original Kickstarter edition but only skimmed it a little. My question, for when I finally find time to run UVG, is there a conversion doc to use SDM with 1e UVG? Thanks.

The core mechanics are really close, so I don’t think much conversion is required. A few parts are a little simpler and some are dropped … I’ll see if there’s a clamor for it 🙂

I feel like I post one of those every few days, haha.

I’ll do a proper post and break down the differences, promise.

Not at present. That’ll probably be something to do with another kickstarter.

Are you planning on releasing a print edition of the sdm eternal key?

Yes. The hope was to have it timed to coincide with the UVG 2E but … eh … doing all the art took me ages, so it’ll be a few weeks later. Oops.

Hi, is SDM named after the Synthetic Flying Machine, from Neutral Milk Hotel? Silly question, but I was curious!

I wish … but no. Coincidence 🙂

There is a hint of Tangerine Dream and Clockwork Orange in the naming. Though I dropped both citruses and well …

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