Fun Under the Needle

Being an anticanon set of tables for the island known to the Circle Sea autochthones as the Needle and to some sages as the Pedestal of the Ladder of Heaven and the cetacean songherds of the Sea Itself as Middleground.

Here now, we are upon the isle. Four länder miles high the pedestal rises to the base of the Ladder. Of course, that hardly matters, for even if a brave sailor might endeavor to pass the guardian phylakes out in the gyrating Blue, the manifests would turn them back from that peak. Still, four länder miles high, a number suspicious enough to suggest the Builders planned it so. It would not be unusual.

But let us say we are upon the isle and we journey from region to region. What shall we encounter as we travel?

Equipment List

For the measures of this exploration, each explorer should ennumerate each of their items of equipment, both concrete and quantum, in a single list, like so:

  1. Watch
  2. Lamp
  3. Fuel
  4. Sandwich
  5. Hat
  6. Shoes
  7. Sturdystick
  8. Knapsack
  9. Anorak
  10. Velveteen Safety Doll
  11. Bug Repellent
  12. Extra socks
  13. Salve of many uses
  14. Snakeoil
  15. Ray Wand
  16. Quantum
  17. Quantum
  18. Quantum
  19. Quantum
  20. Quantum

When encounters consume random equipment, a die roll shall reveal the equipment consumed. If a number has already been consumed, the next nearest piece is consumed. If two are equally near, the lower number is consumed first.

Example: Hexapillu rolls a 7, an item is consumed. Her sturdystick is used up. She may narrate how it happened, or the referee may suggest how, or we may shrug and move on. It matters not – the sturdystick is gone. Then, one watch later, she rolls a 7 again. This time it is her shoes that face destruction.

A character may have less or more equipment. Adjust dice as needed.

Roll Upon the Turning of Each Watch
2d6Lambent Period
2A random item is consumed. Roll d6+4 for encounters on the relevant terrain.
3A random item is consumed. Roll d6+2 for encounters on the relevant terrain.
4A random item is consumed. Roll d6 for encounters on the relevant terrain.
5A random item is consumed. Roll d4 for encounters on the relevant terrain.
6A random item is consumed. Roll d8+2 for traces on the relevant terrain.
7A random item is consumed. Roll d8 for traces on the relevant terrain.
8An item of choice is consumed. Roll d4 for traces on the relevant terrain.
9Gain a random item on TABLE XX. Roll d4 for traces.
10Roll d6 for clues on the relevant terrain. Spend a random item to use them to advantage against that creature or situation.
11Roll d6+2 for clues. Spend a random item to use them to advantage against that creature or situation.
12Roll d6+4 for clues. Spend a random item to use them to advantage against that creature or situation.

You will notice that the first encounter table implies that each relevant terrain table will have rarer encounters available at higher numbers.

This Relevant Terrain: Jungles About the Silent City

Being the hexes at the bottom left of the map.

d10Day, LuminousNight, Haunted
1Nefarious parrots (L0), crying, mocking, supplying.Luminous owls (L0), hunting, haunting, watching.
2Flying squirrels (L0), leaping, throwing, gnawing.Shambling bats (L1), snuffling, porcine, large.
3Whooping monkeys (L1), bald-faced, lying, trying.Stalking ratcats (L1), whiskered, fanged, packing.
4Shambling sloths (L2), munching, grumbling, farting.Carnivorous trees (L3), roping, tripping, spearing.
5Great pigs (L2), snuffling, shuffling, trumpeting.Hunting deathrabbits (L4), leaping, biting, mauling.
6Fang apes (L3), hunting, shooting, looting.Ominous ghosts (L1), time-slipped, clammy, dream-stealing.
7Ant colonials (L3), intelligent, assembled, hexamorphic.Decayed flesh machines (L2), hungry, haunted, fearless.
8Flesh machines (L4), bipedal, created, soulless.Body pods (L2), ticking, growing, absorbing.
9Luminous ghost (L6), time-trapped, fiery, mind-occupying.Jungle cleaner (L6), biogolem, resetter, ranger.
10The Processor Tree (L10), creative, transmutive, degenerate.The Many-Handed (L13), corruptor, tormented, broken.

Of course, I should now add such tables for other terrains. Maybe next post, if I remember.

Table XX: Random Items or What Have You Found in this Cache
  1. Pack of guggle bum.
  2. Stick of incense.
  3. Ghost-decay papers.
  4. Monkey-nip. Like catnip. But for monkeys.
  5. Slab of processed meat preserved in translucent antidecay wrap.
  6. Poisonous flower.
  7. Honey bee hive.
  8. Toxic hornet hive.
  9. An apple.
  10. Seven silver bullets.
  11. A seven-bladed pocket-knife.
  12. A gun.
  13. Bug-repelling hat.
  14. Swarm of midges.
  15. Slime in a can.
  16. Jam in a skull.
  17. Sixty pieces of brass.
  18. A clock.
  19. A rubber sphere of ill-defined purpose.
  20. A ritual object.

For the second region, go here.

It was good to do a bit of a light, fun post after the previous … less tasteful post. Here’s hoping I do more of this one … 🙂

This is an elaboration on a location that will probably get just one or two paragraphs in Our Golden Age, which I’m working on over at the patreon currently.