WizardThiefFighter Studio is dedicated to the finest psychedelic metal role-playing games, good writing, and epic art.

It is the work of Luka Rejec, a Slovenian in Seoul.


Seacat, the psychedelic metal roleplaying game, is being funded by the glorious efforts of the heroes of the Stratometaship. Join today.

There are also other projects on the back burner.


UVG: Free Player Guide v2.0 (2020)

Zoa of the Vastlands (2020)

Rrypo: Get A Head (2020)

Ultraviolet Grasslands and the Black City (2019)
—•— gold ennie 2020 best interior art —•—
— silver ennie 2019 best cover —

What Ho, Frog Demons (2018)
— art, some words, layout —

Witchburner (2018)

Misty Isles of the Eld (2015)
— art —


Exalted Funeral handles publishing and distribution.

Over the years closely associated with the Hydra Coöperative.

Works regularly with Necrotic Gnome.