Exploding Autogolems

Recently, someone on the stratometaship (my patreon discord server) asked about thoughts on person-to-vehicle damage. Now, while I’ve always had a fondness for RIFTS-style megadamage … I wouldn’t really go there myself these days.…Continue readingExploding Autogolems

SDM System

A Goblin in the Synthetic Dream Machine

A good human finally asked: “Are there any quick-and-dirty conversion guidelines for porting in B/X or OSE monsters into SDM? HD roughly equate to level, use the baseline stats, and add a special trait/power?”…Continue readingA Goblin in the Synthetic Dream Machine


Under the Needle 2: The Broken Steppe

Being continued from the first post. Our explorers find themselves in a landscape of shattered sentinel trees, flowering overthorns, and wide open expanses of yellowgrass. Orcoons mock them from the boughs, while grazing megaporcs…Continue readingUnder the Needle 2: The Broken Steppe

Roleplaytime Vastlands

Fun Under the Needle

Being an anticanon set of tables for the island known to the Circle Sea autochthones as the Needle and to some sages as the Pedestal of the Ladder of Heaven and the cetacean songherds…Continue readingFun Under the Needle

Industry Roleplaytime

Beyond Political Games

Note (2024.03.06): this post is over four weeks old and I do not promise I will be responding to future comments, especially comments that attempt to imply that I have some nefarious or chilling…Continue readingBeyond Political Games


Merry Wintersmass with Winterwhite

Winterwhite’s Celebration – a free one-page rpg adventure – and some news.Continue readingMerry Wintersmass with Winterwhite


On Creative Theft

I’ve experienced creative theft at the beginning of my career and recently. It always hurts and has never stopped being wrong.Continue readingOn Creative Theft

Muse Other

On generative ai

half-baked thoughts on generative aiContinue readingOn generative ai

System Vastlands

Cocreation: Local Cultures

A random cultural trait generator for the Rainbowlands (and other places in the UVG).Continue readingCocreation: Local Cultures

System Vastlands

Mechanics: Assets

This is a post on one of the resource mechanics in SDM – Our Golden Age, but it should be applicable to any rpg system that uses some kind of discrete wealth (as opposed…Continue readingMechanics: Assets