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Community Standards


When you interact with WTF Studio, whatever the venue, online or offline, you are in public and these are the standards you are subscribing to and the policies that will be applied.

There are ordinary people behind WTF Studio, particularly Luka Rejec, the artist and writer behind nearly everything on this site, but also others. We may not have the ability to respond to you in a timely manner.

When you interact with WTF Studio, behave like an adult having a face-to-face conversation in a public space. Don’t be unpleasant, take responsibility for the quality of the conversation.

Be helpful. Assume good faith. Act as if you are talking to learn something new, to gain insight, or to have a pleasant time with friends.

Follow two simple rules to avoid 99% of problems: do not lie and do not harass.

When you make a statement, the burden of proof is on you. You may be asked to explain it. Answer questions honestly, don’t just pretend they weren’t asked or change the subject.

You should answer questions in a reasonable time (we assume you have a life away from your keyboard). If you don’t answer, or if your answer involves attacks, harassment, deflection, or other bad faith rhetorical maneuvers, your refusal to engage in a productive discussion will be publicly noted and you will be blocked.

If you make a first-strike personal attack, you may be asked to revoke your attack and publicly apologize. If you refuse to do so, or if your attack is judged to be particularly egregious, your attack will be publicly noted and you will be blocked.

If you are blocked, you may be able to reverse that by apologizing in the venue where you made your mistake and trying to undo the damage. We are humans, humans make mistakes, mistakes owned are mistakes forgivable.

This is a living document and subject to change without notification.

If you have suggestions or questions about any aspect of the community standards, let us know.

—WTF Studios.

Version 1.01, Last Edit: 2019.01.12

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