Run, run faster, for the shaghay is coming!

Once there were larger lands. Once there were deeper dreams. Once there were greater heroes. Once we expected eternity. Once there were towers triumphant. Once there were ceaseless campaigns.

Now the leaves of history curl, turn brown, and soon do fly.

The soil is tilled. The day is turned. For another dawn, for a smaller treasure, for a lesser pleasure.

The witch mountains never sink.


“Who summoned justice?” asked the clerk.

The Mayor walked forward. Her fur stole quivered as she lowered herself for the regal official.

“The council of the Bridge of Saint Cleareyes begged me, the Mayor, to summon justice,” she said. The clerk regarded her for a long minute, before walking back to the black carriage with the red triangle.

Who's the real danger here?

Witchburner (2018) — Portents, omens and witch burning in a scared mountain town.


The snow is alive. A soft, cold spirit courses through them. Her lace threads the world; watching, drinking, listening, stroking, soothing, killing. Her touch is soft and icy. She is Winterwhite, the daughter of the Waterdrinker and the Northwind, and she is a terrible god. An avatar of ice and hunger, of visions and death.

The ice-drowned mountains that spread behind Motherberg are her home. Brezim and other mountain valleys grow and quietly die at her whim.

Winter is come again.

Longwinter (2020) — Winter survival icebox fantasy. Published.


Holy Mountain Shaker

Down by the river, Liska sang.

Sang of flowers white with stars in their hearts.

Sang of brave young men and merchants bold.

Sang of cloth-of-gold and velvet and furs.

Sang of futures to be had.

Up on the mountain, Visak aimed.

A trophy to win Liska.

A victory to prove himself.

A treasure stolen from the mountain itself.

“Bang,” rang the rifle.

Thunder shook the mountain roots.

The shaker rumbles angry at the fools.

Coming soon for Old School Essentials.

I have the approval of the Emperor, but I have the blessing of Justice.

These last lands still await.

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The snow is alive.