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  • UVG2E & the Synthetic Dream Machine
    Where to sign up for UVG 2E? Where to get the freshly released SDM: Eternal Return Key ruleset? How to put up with the author’s maudlin ways? News for this blog?
  • Roadmap: S.E.A.C.A.T. & the Synthetic Dream Machine
    A couple weeks ago, the 22nd day of the 2nd month of the 23rd year of the 21st century of our reckoning, I published a 32-page zine on my patreon, on the stratometaship. Synthetic Dream Machine (SDM): Eternal Return Key. By gods, but I bungled my pitch and roadmap delivery! Standing in for every one…
  • Making a Game: There and Back Again
    An overview of where my writing and drawing is at.
  • Monochrome Rainbow: Dekapolis
    What is this world if not an invention of our imagination? —Pater Prester Ioannes, Apocalypsis of Prester Ioannes (1:16). In the Ultraviolet Grasslands the civilised regions of the Circle Sea, the Rainbowlands, are only very loosely sketched out. This is on purpose. I want the players to come from a land they consider developed and…
  • Let Us In: A One-Shot Horror
    It is published. A beautiful duotone risograph print limited edition is available at Exalted Funeral until stocks last (as of 31/10 still available) for 12.00 credits. It is also available as part of a special limited time Halloween bundle with Longwinter and Witchburner. Digital editions are also available on the WTF Itkx (itch) store and…

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