46 d100 Magic Prosthetics

Hot Pink Aboliže

This is a repost from two blogs and four years ago, when I set up my first rpg blog: Cauldrons and Clerics. I thought it would be funny to talk about cooking and religion and rpgs together. It turned out, no, I ended up changing my mind soon enough. But some of the posts are pretty cool, so I’ll consolidate ’em.

Time to Travel Back in Time!

I love PCs who suffer through all the indignities the dice and the players heap on them, heroes who stick their hands into odd cavities in the wall groping for gold, heroes that walk into a gelatinous cube, heroes blinded by powerful magics, and so forth and so forth. However, in the traditional game, the only two items for handicapped heroes are the Eye and Hand of Vecna, both pretty much chaotic.

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37 Long-distance Gritty Realism II: Supplies

A few dining establishments

In the last post on long-distance D&D (2 weeks ago) I expounded on time. This time it’s supplies. I bet you expected space, but no. Space should be abstract. The tale of a fairytale kingdom across seven forests and six sees, five months of travel away sounds fantastic. The tale of an orc-goblin kingdom 2,276 miles away, with 1,600 light infantry and 400 heavy infantry is horrible and dull.* Also, yes, this post is also a suggestion to go and support the WTF rpg and art patreon.

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