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Red Sky Dead City

The greatest city of all, Ebét, far away across the seas, has fallen. The mystical rationalist army of Iks has brought down the corpse-fat empire of Ebét and now its timeless treasures are ripe for plunder. The offerings and sacrifices and jewels of millennia await.

Red Sky Dead City is a doom metal journey into the gory aftermath of an imperial conquest. I publish the rpg sandbox in monthly installments on the WizardThiefFighter Patreon. It’s a tool for running a campaign in the ruins of a massive city, with factions, encounters, treasures, and a heavy helping of implied setting.

Yes, it covers dark themes. It’s about war and its aftermath, after all.

The entire book will take at least 12 chapters (or about a year) to complete. I’ve made a preview of the first chapter for you to download.

Outsider character, bohemian
Outsider character, bohemian background.

What People Are Saying

“Also the entire character background system is Iksian propaganda.”Saker Tarsos

“I haven’t seen [an rpg] go deep into war like this. … the character backgrounds put players in unequal places within a colonial hegemonic hierarchy, they can’t ignore it… they have to unpack and deal with it. Or they can all be of the same social status and then be complicit in it.”also Saker Tarsos

“I am thankful to be here. More thankful than I ever imagined I would be.”—a wise patron

“Some touchstones from UVG, but a very different feel… Me likey!”—Angry Wombat

“Chapter 1 of Red Sky Dead City is fricking amazing.”—Gimo

Iksans crossing the River of Life
Iksans crossing the River of Life

What’s Inside?

Red Sky Dead City is covering a lot of ground, but for now it all fits into three sections.

  1. Heroes and World which is for both players and referees, including character backgrounds, quest lists, equipment lists, and more.
  2. The Dead City which is just for the referee and details the different quarters of the city and how to run them.
  3. The Unfinished Lists is a temporary section full of incomplete lists of myths, bestiaries, spells, curses, equipment, and peoples. Once Red Sky Dead City is complete, these will be formatted neatly and join their buddies in the first section. An index will then take their place at the end of the book.
Low-res shot of the heroes section
And low-res of the dead city section.
A Yellow Doghead.
A yellow doghead.

Get the free preview

Red Sky Dead City is made possible with the gracious support of the heroes of the stratometaship. If you enjoy a doom-laden trpg romp into a dying city, join the Wizard Thief Fighter patreon. We’ve got discord, cookies*, and milk*.

*subject to availability.

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