Glorious third party content for the Vastlands and the Lastlands, the UVG and Longwinter, Seacat and more.

Many kind and creative people have created all kinds of tools, toys, and wondrous items for my games. This page is my small attempt to collate and collect the links to these resources. If you know or have something to share @stratometaship me on Twitter or another medium, and eventually I’ll likely update* this page.

Endless plains under turquoise skies.

Vastlands and UVG Resources


UVG Troika+ by David Schirduan — Bringing the UVG to the other world’s favourite roleplaying game.

Ultraviolet World by Mike Ferdinando — Highly detailed mod of UVG for PbtA. An elegant ruleset for an elegant long-tomorrow world.

Ultraviolet Gloglands by Skerples — Bring the glorious madness of GLOG to the UVG! Go full OSR! Party like it’s … 2016.

Vehicle Upgrades and Fuel Games — Skerples upgrades and expands the vehicle rules in the UVG, taking it full Mad Max.

R/M/D Less — Yak-Men’s micro ruleset for dungeoneering. A good idea for one way to run the strange location in the UVG.


UVG Character and Caravan Google Sheet by Wesley P Clawson — the digital sheet you always wanted.

UVG Character Sheets by Dismaster Frane — in Italian and English. Even if you speak English, try the Italian ones for that proper Rainbowlands vibe.

GM-facing Maps by Skerples — Detailed maps with discoveries and locations and more, oh my!

Rainbowlander Name Generator by Dismaster Frane of La Fumeria dei Pensieri Incompiuti — get some wonderful nord-Mediterranean inspired names here. Not saying the Circle Sea is the Med. But not denying it.

Des fiches en français pour les Prairies Ultraviolettes by Whidou — a French translation of the hero and caravan screen, and the map too. C’est bien, hein?

d400 Vome Simlish Phrases by Spinyeti — make your vomes babble like the tragic creations of long-doomed would-be-simulated-gods they deserve to be!


The Ideal Island by Grinning Maniac — vastly expanded from the discovery in the UVG!


Ruins of Azure by Dismaster Frane — expanding the UVG towards the Circle Sea!

Mini Mods

The Black Capstone — Cige created a simple mechanic, a magical monolith that binds together players and heroes, created an in-story excuse for players to drop in and out of the game.

Internet Over Clam — Cigeus created an alternative to magical instant communication using clams and fleshcrafting. Long live the biomancers!

Rrypo Stats for 5E by Malcolminspace — now you can bring the giant flying head to your 5E game! Loosely!


Limb Replacement Table by the Hexers of the Stratometaship — so your hero lost a part of themselves in the vasty odd? Here, fix them up fast.

Random Drug Tables by Horst Wurst — more strange things to try in the UVG.

Captain Cat’s Menu — Whidou has brought together a strange burger joint franchise found in the UVG.


On Running the UVG after 10 Sessions by Horst Wurst — on what to expect from a many-session open table game in the Ultraviolet Grasslands.

Selling Water in the Wastelands by Brian C — relevant to OSR entrepreneurs in the Vastlands.

Actual Plays and Videos

Whitehack Ultraviolet Grasslands by Horst Wurst — 33 sessions and counting.

chat de mer deux: seacat

Seacat Resources

Grinning’s Album of Weird Spells by Grinning Maniac — many spells from Seacat, some from UVG, some of Grinning’s homebrews — all weird and perfectly apt.

I missed something? Highly likely! @stratometaship me on Twitter or via some other channel, and eventually I’ll likely update* this page.

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