Seacat Changelog



  • Cleaned up beneficial mutations.
  • Completed skills. Added guidelines for inventing skills whole cloth and basics of how ranks work to skills section for redundancy.



  • Clarified recovery rules.
  • Completed character exit rules and replacement guidelines.
  • Cleaned up hakaba and linked it more clearly to burdens.
  • Cleaned up hurt (formerly fatigue) and mostly subsumed it within burdens.
  • (mostly) removed automatic character exit. Let runners play ghosts, it’s fine.
  • Need to clarify more that each rank of a skill or trait takes a slot, so specialization reduces breadth and vice versa.


  • Damage cleaned up.
  • Burdens (and hurt) inflicted when an attribute is at 0 (or there is overflow damage). Not when an attribute is first reduced to 0.
  • Character defeat redefined as Exit (thank you GrinningManiac).


  • Abilities renamed to traits — to reduce confusion between skills and abilities, and make passive features easier to fit into characters and factions.
  • Core book re-arranged (again) — short overview first, then rules, then comprehensive protagonic generator and modificator sections.
  • Magic spells restored to core book — but cropped to five spells per veda.
  • Experience modified to fit orders of magnitude — 999xp for first tier, 9,999 for second tier, 99,999 for last tier. More satisfying.
  • Restored three “everyhero” tiers — for faster starts.



  • Skills renamed for easier scanning.
  • Vedas for skills that map directly to magic albums and/or ka attacks.
  • Sidus for skills that map directly to social attacks and status.
  • Praxas for skills that focus on combat disciplines.
  • Fatigue renamed to hurt — creating more possibility for different kinds of status effects to play with.

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