Seacat Third Party Free Product License

Do you want to make stories, games, maps, adventures, modules, art, comics, or other creative works based on Seacat, UVG, Witchburner and other WTF Studio products? Lucky day! Now you can.

Third Way Internationale



By accepting the terms and conditions of this license you gain the right to publish free products based on and/or compatible with Seacat, UVG, Witchburner and other listed WTF Studio products (see Appendix) created by Luka Rejec. These products are hereafter referred to as “the works”.


This license does not grant the right to publish, sell or distribute commercial material, or any other right regarding the works, that is not granted by article 1.



You may reference and use mechanics, game rules, names of creatures, locations, entities and objects of the game world found in the works.


You may not reuse art from the works. You may not republish text from the works. You may not translate the works.



If your product is compatible with one of the works, you may use one of the “tridot” compatibility logos. If you are reimagining or reinterpreting an existing creature, location, entity, or other game object from the works, you are encouraged to use the “anticanon” icon.

seacat compatible icon
Seacat compatible icon.
uvg compatible icon
UVG compatible icon.
anticanon icon
Anticanon icon.


You may not use logos or icons from the works (including but not limited to the WTF Studio, Seacat, or UVG logos), other than permitted by article 5.


You may not give the impression that your product is official, endorsed or sponsored by WTF Studio or Luka Rejec.



WTF Studio and Luka Rejec are not liable for any legal claims against your product.


Legal disputes related to this license shall be handled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea and be settled by a South Korean court.


Any work published pursuant to this license must make reference to this license.

Example reference:

[Product Name] is the independent production of [Author or Publisher] and is not affiliated with WTF Studio or Luka Rejec. It is published under the Seacat Third Party Free Product License. [Work/s Referenced (see Appendix)] is/are copyright
Luka Rejec.



Luka Rejec reserves the right to modify this license at any time.


Luka Rejec reserves the right to revoke this license for any work, for any reason.


This license does not give permission to create products that promote or celebrate cruelty, discrimination, or hate. This license shall be revoked for any work published pursuant to this license that violates this article.


WTF Studio is a licensed business owned by Luka Rejec. WTF Studio products is an umbrella term for a number of creative and gaming works created by and copyright of Luka Rejec.

WTF Studio properties covered by this license include:

UVG (Ultraviolet Grasslands and the Black City)
UVG: Free Player Guide 2.0
Red Sky | Dead City
Rrypo: Get A Head
Dark Prologue

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