Seacat: the game you always knew you wanted to play, but didn't dare to admit.

A psychedelic metal roleplaying game.

A comic on every page.

A project made possible by hundreds of the nicest patreon heroes in tabletop roleplaying games.

Inspired by

Moebius’ mind-bending bande dessinée Airtight Garage. Blue Oyster Cult’s evocative Veteran of the Psychic Wars. The rambling melange that is the Heavy Metal movie. The surreal fantasy of Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain. The impressionistic brilliance of Miller’s Fury Road. The semi-coherence of the Strugatskys’ Roadside Picnic or VanderMeer’s Annihilation. The neo-baroque pop metal of Ghost.

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Development version 0.6 and older versions are available exclusively to the heroes backing the stratometaship patreon. New backers welcome.

A new and incomplete changelog.

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A look between the covers of the seacat book.


Seacat third party license

The complete book (coming soon)

Free black and white pdf version (coming soon)

System reference document (coming a bit later)

Other books, like Gölemkraftwagen: the golem racing supplement
(coming a bit later)

Related Products

UVG: Free Player Guide v2.0 (2020) — Heroes and caravans on an epic long distance trip across the acid-fantasy steppes. Mixing Oregon Trail, the Dying Earth, and the melodic sounds of bands like Sleep and Jegulja.

The Extras: Map and Game Screen — Tools for easier play.

Zoa of the Vastlands (2020) — Eclectic zoologists scouring the Vastlands for cryptic new creatures. Created because GrinningManiac said “I tried to make a random generator for UVG monsters where it was a bunch of tables that produced things like “Vomish/Mind-Burned/Ka-/Ba-/Ha-” and “Mummies/Centipedes/Lions” but I couldn’t quite get it to make anything useful. Anyone had any similar generators?” 

What is this universe’s obsession
with penguins?!

—Shimya the Catlord

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Seacat Posts

  • Vechs (vehicular biomechanisms)
    UVG • Vastlands • Fauna Vech | \vɛk\ 1. A domesticated or feral biomachine large enough to carry people or cargo. 2. Any substantial, autonomous means of transportation. Including large transport…
  • UVG Digital Referee Screen + Zoa Tables
    One of my favorite parts of the UVG project was (is) the digital referee screen made by Saker Tarsos. It’s a standalone html generator that covers all the tables in the…
  • Penglings, of the
    • VotBO • UVG • Penglings • Faction • “I first heard of towns of ice sailing the All-sea, the Panthalassa, at the Bloodsac Bar in Free Golf. I was looking…
  • The Electric Wizard
    I’ve decided to start releasing a few of the earlier S.E.A.C.A.T. Ultraviolet Heroes I’ve been writing up and illustrating over the last month or two over on the stratometaship. This is…
  • 1d205 Minor and Major Realisms
    Courtesy of the Hexers of the Cauldron (Stratometaship Discord Channel). Image source by Pawel Janiak on Unsplash We are in strange times, fellow humans. Uncomfortable times. But roll-play [sic] must go on, must it…

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