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This is an incomplete list of sites that I like: blogs with fun and interesting ideas, artists who bring something new to this world, reviewers who distill … well, you get the picture.

Good Game Reading

Art and Aesthetics

Interesting Reviewers

Lots of Lists

  • Elfmaids & Octopi – hundreds of d100 lists of the strangest things you could imagine in a game or your next fantasy-science novel. Consumterra’s imagination knows no bounds.
  • The Dungeon Dozen – hundreds of detailed and weird d12 tables of fantasy goodness by Jason Sholtis, conveniently indexed by Jeff Russel of the Blessings of the Dice Gods.

Full-on Games

  • Microlite20 – the ultralight game that took me back to a simpler role-playing game. The site seems to have been radically redesigned and … it’s much harder to finde all the M20 variants.

My Old Blogs

OSR / RPG Aggregations

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