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Ultraviolet Grasslands

The Ultraviolet Grasslands (UVG) is an rpg pointcrawl inspired by psychedelic heavy metal, the Dying Earth genre, and Oregon Trail games. It takes a group of ‘heroes’ into the depths of a vast and mythic steppe filled with the detritus of time and space and fuzzy riffs. It is rules light (or even rules optional), but grounded in the Old School Baroque and the Fifth Edition.

It was made possible through the generous support of my patrons over at the Stratometaship patreon. The current, complete manuscript was finished on the 30th of August, 2018. It is now being proofread and edited for consistency. You can download a free, introductory version at the Hydra Coöp Drivethru RPG.

I think it’s really good, but don’t take my word for it.

The wine dark shore of the western sea.
The wine dark shore of the western sea, where the adventure ends.

Words People Have Said

Just a terrific use of language … “Hair stands on edge with the background electromagnificent radiation” … goes beyond the bounds of traditional old school treasure hunting.

Just three excerpts (one of them my words spoken for the first time out loud by any human) from the nearly hour-long episode of the Fear of a Black Dragon podcast dealing with the UVG. Thanks go to Tom and Paul for the review that was more in depth, and more fun, and more on point with many critiques than I had expected.

For a free product, I could not ask for more. It’s more than a lot of referees will ever need to run a long campaign.

David Rollins of Searching for Magic has written an astonishing, kind (he says accurate), and long review of the free introduction to the UVG.

Damn, this is all really good. I’m fucking loving *everything* I’m reading in UVG

Green Skull Lady With Sunglasses.

Honestly, this module is like you climbed up inside my head when I was feverish with malaria while listening to Blood Ceremony and Wolfmother and also with a 5th of bourbon in me, and then laid out all my weirdest imaginations in a far better, more organized, and interesting fashion than I ever could. The only way this module would be more my thing is if you tattooed it on me.

Hans Messersmith (also, a fan)

“Hey, just wanted to say again how pleased I am with everything you’ve been putting out. My group fucking loves the setting, and they’ve only just begun.”

A fan.

“Your class pictures ( wizardthieffighter.com/2017/40-not-classy-satire-of-heroes) and description of the cleric as a “tomb-robbing heal-bot” hooked me :)”

Somebody with good taste.

His art is next level.

Ramanan S

Hard to say no to fantasy, metal, AND mind-controlling cats!

Boris Stremlin

…really I just want to see more UVG, that’s what drew me to contribute monetarily and it’s all the thanks I want or need.

The 100th Patron

[The] cover of the free introduction … had me sold on it without seeing anything else at that point! :O

Thank you, Bob. The font I used for the cover is Baron Neue by Frank Hemmekam. The alternates are fantastic.

Simon Forster

I’ve just got the chance to actually flick through this… and by jove, this is amazing!

A human being who is not me.

It’s brilliant, a super fun read.

A Blake.

Source Factory
The source factory, crawling sadly around the eastern grasslands, destroying villages.

Some people also interviewed me about the UVG

I blather on a lot, and explain why I wrote what I did.

Dungeons and Possums interviewed me in August 2018 (and, fair enough, is consistently a big fan of the UVG).

Brie Sheldon (Briecs) also interviewed me back in June 2018, when the end was heaving into sight … .

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