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Roadmap: S.E.A.C.A.T. & the Synthetic Dream Machine

A couple weeks ago, the 22nd day of the 2nd month of the 23rd year of the 21st century of our reckoning, I published a 32-page zine on my patreon, on the stratometaship. Synthetic…Continue readingRoadmap: S.E.A.C.A.T. & the Synthetic Dream Machine

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Roleplay Is Folk Art

Adapted from the original I wrote for the fantasy audio magazine CANDLE. Under the Ogl’s Gaze Recently there’s been plenty of turmoil in the roleplaying hobby, especially among publishers, about the rumored moves by…Continue readingRoleplay Is Folk Art

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Creative Permutations: Dead City

—The slow horizon has eaten the living god. The millennial city falls. Gore runs in the archaic streets. Bones break beneath the stud wheels of the conquerors. —”Reason!” they yell as they sack the…Continue readingCreative Permutations: Dead City

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UVG Free Player Guide 2.0

The player’s guide to the award-winning Ultraviolet Grasslands is revamped, cleaned up, and as mind-bent as before. It’s now available in full 70-page glory on and for your gaming pleasure. What’s new…Continue readingUVG Free Player Guide 2.0


UVG Kickstarter: Almost Last Day, Last Lap

This is your last chance to get in on the UVG Kickstarter. A day left or so, not much more (ok, fine, 56 hours). It has been a ridiculous, epic, amazing ride. When we…Continue readingUVG Kickstarter: Almost Last Day, Last Lap


All Our Goals Are Smashed For You

Well. Wasn’t February a crazy month? With Exalted Funeral we finally launched the long-awaited Ultraviolet Grasslands kickstarter, and within hours your support took it past the initial goal of 15 kilo-dollars. Well, that was…Continue readingAll Our Goals Are Smashed For You


Regarding Mandy’s Post

WTF Studio unreservedly condemns abuse and harassment, and wishes all victims healing and recovery.Continue readingRegarding Mandy’s Post

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A Bad Turn of Words: Fantasy Heartbreaker

In 2002 an ‘essay’ came out that brought the term ‘fantasy heartbreaker’ into popular use. The author, Ron Edwards, was one of the founders of the Forge and a proponent of the GNS theory…Continue readingA Bad Turn of Words: Fantasy Heartbreaker


Longwinter: the horrors of the icebox survival project

The snow is alive. A soft, cold spirit courses through them. Her lace threads the world; watching, drinking, listening, stroking, soothing, killing. Her touch is soft and icy. She is Winterwhite, the daughter of…Continue readingLongwinter: the horrors of the icebox survival project