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Monochrome Rainbow: Dekapolis

What is this world if not an invention of our imagination? —Pater Prester Ioannes, Apocalypsis of Prester Ioannes (1:16). In the Ultraviolet Grasslands the civilised regions of the Circle Sea, the Rainbowlands, are only…Continue readingMonochrome Rainbow: Dekapolis

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Never As Written

Why roleplaying never works as written and why this is a good thing and how this excerpt is clickbait.Continue readingNever As Written

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Let Us In: A One-Shot Horror

It is published. A beautiful duotone risograph print limited edition is available at Exalted Funeral until stocks last (as of 31/10 still available) for 12.00 credits. It is also available as part of a…Continue readingLet Us In: A One-Shot Horror

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Tales from the Gastro Zone

… and the joyful play of collaborative creativity. Before we go further, the first Hexer’s Guide to the Anti-canons: Tales from the Gastro Zone, is available for free on A baker’s dozen of…Continue readingTales from the Gastro Zone

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UVG Free Player Guide 2.0

The player’s guide to the award-winning Ultraviolet Grasslands is revamped, cleaned up, and as mind-bent as before. It’s now available in full 70-page glory on and for your gaming pleasure. What’s new…Continue readingUVG Free Player Guide 2.0

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Quantum Characters and the Tabletop Role-playing Game

A consistent problem I’ve always faced in role-playing games is how to quickly introduce new characters to the game, both non-player characters and player characters. Whether the player’s hero has died, or they need…Continue readingQuantum Characters and the Tabletop Role-playing Game

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Better Than Dead: Death Replacement Mechanics for UVG (and Skeleton)

While the Ultraviolet Grasslands (kickstarter complete and awesome, yay!) is a road-tripping, point-crawling game that mixes a lot of OSROWHY sensibilities with a whole lot of heavy metal, I’ve never been fully satisfied with…Continue readingBetter Than Dead: Death Replacement Mechanics for UVG (and Skeleton)


All Our Goals Are Smashed For You

Well. Wasn’t February a crazy month? With Exalted Funeral we finally launched the long-awaited Ultraviolet Grasslands kickstarter, and within hours your support took it past the initial goal of 15 kilo-dollars. Well, that was…Continue readingAll Our Goals Are Smashed For You


Regarding Mandy’s Post

WTF Studio unreservedly condemns abuse and harassment, and wishes all victims healing and recovery.Continue readingRegarding Mandy’s Post