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Roll First Characters

Being a bit of theory musing on the invention of characters. Most players have to worry about one, at most a couple of characters. The so-called player character and their pets and sidekicks (henchmen,…Continue readingRoll First Characters

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Making a Game: There and Back Again

An overview of where my writing and drawing is at.Continue readingMaking a Game: There and Back Again

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Creative Permutations: Dead City

—The slow horizon has eaten the living god. The millennial city falls. Gore runs in the archaic streets. Bones break beneath the stud wheels of the conquerors. —”Reason!” they yell as they sack the…Continue readingCreative Permutations: Dead City

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Monochrome Rainbow: Dekapolis

What is this world if not an invention of our imagination? —Pater Prester Ioannes, Apocalypsis of Prester Ioannes (1:16). In the Ultraviolet Grasslands the civilised regions of the Circle Sea, the Rainbowlands, are only…Continue readingMonochrome Rainbow: Dekapolis

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Never As Written

Why roleplaying never works as written and why this is a good thing and how this excerpt is clickbait.Continue readingNever As Written

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Let Us In: A One-Shot Horror

It is published. A beautiful duotone risograph print limited edition is available at Exalted Funeral until stocks last (as of 31/10 still available) for 12.00 credits. It is also available as part of a…Continue readingLet Us In: A One-Shot Horror

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Tales from the Gastro Zone

… and the joyful play of collaborative creativity. Before we go further, the first Hexer’s Guide to the Anti-canons: Tales from the Gastro Zone, is available for free on A baker’s dozen of…Continue readingTales from the Gastro Zone

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UVG Free Player Guide 2.0

The player’s guide to the award-winning Ultraviolet Grasslands is revamped, cleaned up, and as mind-bent as before. It’s now available in full 70-page glory on and for your gaming pleasure. What’s new…Continue readingUVG Free Player Guide 2.0

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Quantum Characters and the Tabletop Role-playing Game

A consistent problem I’ve always faced in role-playing games is how to quickly introduce new characters to the game, both non-player characters and player characters. Whether the player’s hero has died, or they need…Continue readingQuantum Characters and the Tabletop Role-playing Game