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Roleplay Is Folk Art

Adapted from the original I wrote for the fantasy audio magazine CANDLE. Under the Ogl’s Gaze Recently there’s been plenty of turmoil in the roleplaying hobby, especially among publishers, about the rumored moves by…Continue readingRoleplay Is Folk Art

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Empathy Engines

Roleplaying games are many things. One thing they can do particularly well is let us put on the shoes of other humans*1 (<-that’s an asterisk) in other situations.  We can try to imagine what…Continue readingEmpathy Engines


Reflections on Completing the Ultraviolet Grasslands

A solid half-year late the UVG hardcovers are finally reaching their backers. This has been an incredible project for me. Hard, yet fulfilling. Grueling, yet often fun. Exhausting, but also somehow inspiring. I drew…Continue readingReflections on Completing the Ultraviolet Grasslands


53 What’s In A Blog and Odd Tide Effects

Part One Besides just complexity, maintaining multiple wordpress web sites is time consuming. Maintaining a gaming blog outside the more common platforms ( for the OSR, for … a lot of things, too)…Continue reading53 What’s In A Blog and Odd Tide Effects